Campus is a network of
community houses.

We have 10 houses in the Bay Area, a shared community cabin in North Lake Tahoe and in Napa, and plan on expanding the Bay Area network to a total of twenty locations over the next four months. As a member of the Campus Network, you’ll live in a community house with great roommates, learning new things and building relationships with other open-minded people. 

Membership & Pricing Info

Our Locations

We currently have 13 houses in the Bay Area: 8 in San Francisco, 3 on the Peninsula, a cabin in North Lake Tahoe, and a vacation house in Napa. Our houses range from 6 to 21 bedrooms, and each has its own community and vibe.

Campus Guide

Our Community Guide is an outline for Campus members to create a shared culture in their homes to foster mutual respect and positive relationships. We provide suggestions on running productive house meetings, as well as important questions to address with housemates to ensure that everyone feels at home.

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